Our Services

Sales Transformation Consulting

Buyer behaviors are constantly shifting and they are unique to each customer. In today’s market understanding how a group of people will make a decision at a specific point in time is the only way to succeed.

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Strategic Consulting

Businesses everywhere are growing and changing. The ability to understand where you are today is critical to understanding your path forward.

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Learning Outsourcing

There are hundreds of companies that offer to build your learning programs for you. The big question is, how do you decide who will be the best for your company?

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Business Development Outsourcing

Many organizations struggle with how to grow their business beyond what is possible organically. Bring in expert who can give you what you need when you need it.

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About Us

Our Experience

Our founder, David Steed has been leading teams and delivering incredible results for over 25 years. His expertise and business acumen is well documented and he has personally worked with hundreds of companies.


Our Team

Our company runs on a virtual team model and utilizes the appropriate resources at the appropriate time.


Our Clients

The majority of our clients have a business priority or issue that they need to have solved, now. These priorities may be strategic or tactical. We look at each client's requirements and begin with the end in mind.


Our Partners

Equus partners with only the top professionals in their fields.


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